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It’s nice to know who you’re working with. traces its roots back to 1999, when co-founder Chris Kelly revolutionized the marine industry with online test videos by creating the award-winning Since 2007, has produced high-energy performance-oriented video test reviews on cars, trucks and SUVs. shoots all its own Honda and Toyota B-roll footage, fully fuel and speed tests all vehicles and publishes those reports so the prospective buyer can review objective information from a third-party source.

Doug Thompson - Publisher and Co-Founder of  Compare cars company

Doug Thompson

Publisher and Co-Founder


Doug Thompson has more than 30 years of print and online publishing experience, including editing, writing, marketing and advertising in both mediums. He brings his journalism experience to the video road tests of, which are broadcast-quality and are designed to fully inform the buyer prior to making the all-important car-buying decision. To learn how your Honda or Toyota dealership can benefit from using VehiclesTEST, contact Doug at 954.629.2242 or email to .


Steve Pratt

Sales Manager


Call Steve Pratt at 310.408.4555, or email to