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We drive it like car buyers want us to!

As an independent video-testing company, VehiclesTESTS’ job is to produce high-quality 3rd-party video tests for the benefit of car, truck and SUV buyers. When we commit to testing a brand, we test EVERY VEHICLE in that brand’s current lineup.


Our video tests include:

  • Full 4-minute-plus test video with highway and city running footage, and commentary on the actual use of the vehicle in real-life situations.
  • Objective performance data measured by our Radar and VBOX GPS equipment, including 0 to 60 mph time, 50-70 mph passing speed and top speed in the quarter mile.
  • ACTUAL as-tested highway fuel economy for all Toyota models, and EPA fuel economy estimates for Honda models.
  • Highlights of new and improved features on the current-generation model, offering insights that will help buyers make a more informed purchasing decision.
Finding best car by road test

Above, track testing the FJ Cruiser. Below, objectivity is our goal.

Finding best vehicle by road test