Honda Accord Coupe Delivers Performance with High-End Style

The Accord Coupe is the most exhilarating 2-door Honda Accord yet. VehiclesTEST delivers a complete review in this Honda Accord Coupe video road test. The Accord Coupe's front end is set apart with a large lower radiator opening and twin faux brake scoops, which double as fog-light nacelles on all models except the LX. The large front wheel arches segue to deep character lines sweeping across the doors and back to the muscular rear wheel arches, while the flowing roofline draws the eye up and over the windswept cabin.

Careful sculpting on the lower door sides continues the kinetic look of the Accord Coupe, while helping to direct airflow around the rear tires. The roofline, bodyside character lines and rear wheel arches all converge at the deck-lid, drawing the eye to the rear spoiler on the V-6 models and providing an emphatic final impression as the Coupe drives away.