New Camry Video Road Test Live For Consumers Everywhere

The Toyota Camry takes to the road with more performance and style that ever before, and the current generation offers better aerodynamics, an eye-catching front grille and a refined interior.

Today's Camry is just different enough to set it apart from all of its predecessors, yet offers familiar attributes such as a seriously quiet ride that will keep the Camry faithful satisfied. Watch the Camry video road test.

However, Toyota engineers made design improvements that make a real difference, lengthening the Camry by two inches over the previous version. The extra length, 17-inch alloy wheels with graphite finish and stiffer body structure gives the Camry a more confident feel on the roads, as we found out during our hundreds of miles of testing. Buyers can choose a Camry among five trims (LE, SE, XSE, XLE and Hybrid).We tested the SE version that featured paddle shifters to manually shift the 6-speed transmission for sportier driving.