Honda Clarity Earns Environmental Honors

2018 Honda ClarityHonda recently received a top air quality award from an environmental group for its Clarity lineup.

The Coalition for Clean Air gave the Honda Clarity its 2018 California Air Quality Award for Environmental Stewardship. The award is for providing drivers with automobiles that reduce or even eliminate tailpipe emissions without sacrificing style or performance.

"By leading the way in fuel efficiency among all major carmakers and committing to having two-thirds of its global automobile sales to be electrified vehicles by 2030, Honda has set a gold standard for others to follow," said Dr. Joseph K. Lyou, president and CEO at Coalition for Clean Air, in a press release. The nonprofit group supports technology and environmental practices that promote clean and healthy air for California.

Honda said 56 percent of Clarity sales in 2018 have been in California, a state known for its strict environmental and fuel mileage standards.

To promote sales of the 2018 Clarity, Honda is offering a $199 per month lease for California and Oregon markets. The lease is for 36 months and offers a generous mileage allowance of 20,000 miles per year. Due at signing is $1,499 plus taxes and fees.

Some consumers in California and Oregon may qualify for state rebates of $2,500. California residents that lease a Clarity Electric are eligible for Clean Air Vehicle Stickers that allow for a single occupant of HOV lanes.

The EPA says the Clarity Electric has an 89-mile range on a full charge. Honda said the Clarity Electric can get an 80 percent charge in 30 minutes with DC Fast Charging. See the VehiclesTEST review by clicking on the icon. VehiclesTEST logo