Honda’s Civic Type R Pickup Generating a Buzz

Honda Civic Type R Pickup Honda’s UK engineers created a pickup version for the Civic Type R and some industry observers wonder if the concept truck could signal a new direction for small pickup truck design.

At first glance the Honda looks like a sporty Civic with a large rear wing. But look deeper and the rear seating and trunk were replaced to make room for an open bed with diamond-plate flooring.

The product engineering department at Honda’s UK manufacturing facility created the concept car/truck dubbed “Project P.” Fans of the Civic Type R pickup truck won’t see it in a showroom because Honda has no plans to put it into production.

“We have a special projects division at the factory in Swindon and this project was a fantastic opportunity for the team to show just what their creative minds could do,” said project lead Alyn James in a media release.

Using the Civic Type R as the base, engineers created a rear hatch with a wing that is removable for access to the bed. Engineers also installed a black roll cage for the two-seater concept car. The pickup has the same powertrain, gearbox and suspension as the standard Civic Type R. The vehicle can do 60 mph in 6 seconds with a top speed of 165 mph.

The unusual design of taking a passenger sedan and turning it into a truck has generated lots of online chatter for Honda.

Online publications such as SlashGear said the concept truck is “making us drool” and David Tracy for Jalopnik wrote, “The vehicle is pretty pointless, and by ‘pretty pointless,” I mean ‘awesome.’”

Honda may show off the Civic Type R pickup at a few international car shows but for now fans will have to enjoy the photos.