VehiclesTEST Now Offering Video Brochures for 2019 Honda, Toyota Models

Video emails for VehiclesTESTVehiclesTEST has launched Video Brochures featuring its third-party road tests, providing consumers an easy path to the independent videos and direct access to all the online shopping features on the dealer's website.

"We make it easy for a dealership to share video content with consumers and help increase traffic to their website," explained Doug Thompson, publisher of "Video is on fire now and consumers want it, so we have created a product that is beneficial for both the dealership and the consumer."

The video brochures deliver exactly what consumers want when researching a vehicle, and they can watch a comprehensive independent review of the vehicle. These video brochures can also be incorporated into Social Media marketing as the click to destination from the post. This provides a focused landing page that allow the prospect to immediately interact with the dealer's website after watching the video.

"Consumers are looking for independent video reviews, because they feel that anything that we as a dealer produce or even the manufacturer videos might be slanted to benefit us," said Michael Conlon, Internet Manager at Hartford Toyota Superstore. "Having VehiclesTEST's video reviews right on our website gives the customer instant access to the tests whenever they want to watch, 24/7. Because VehiclesTEST is a third-party review, the credibility is high in the mind of the consumer."

The video brochures contain links directly to the dealership's website. After the video is viewed the consumer can: View inventory, schedule a test drive, get pre-approved and value their trade-in.

"Consumer time on site increases with the addition of video content to the New Inventory and Vehicle Detail Pages on dealership sites," Thompson said. "As dealers focus on increasing traffic to their site, providing premium videos for the customer is a big benefit."

"In addition, we are also now offering Transparency Email to help the dealers reach more local prospects," Thompson continued. "Dealers can use the video brochures or the new product intro video emails and send them out to targeted prospects in their PMA."

According to the Google report "The 5 Auto Shopping Moments Every Brand Must Own," test-drive videos are one of the top three types of video content that car shoppers search for, along with videos that show features and options and vehicle walkthroughs.

"We selected Transparency Email because they were the only vendor we felt confident was actually reaching prospects," Thompson said. "Transparency Email actually provides the dealer with a full list of those prospects who clicked on links in the message, so there's no doubt the emails were actually sent."

Email continues to be one of the strongest marketing tools available to dealers and by combining a video email with a targeted local prospect database the dealer can increase exposure and drive sales.  Statics show that videos contained within an email have some of the highest click rates.

See a sample video here.

To learn more about getting VehiclesTEST video reviews for Honda and Toyota dealership websites, click here to set up a demonstration today!