VehiclesTEST Videos Help Train Honda, Toyota Sales Teams

Editor Doug ThompsonSelling new vehicles is competitive so it is important for sales team to be knowledgeable about the vehicles on the lot. VehiclesTEST can get dealership staff up to speed with its video reviews of the latest models from Honda and Toyota.

By watching the video reviews, salespeople can learn new features and benefits about the models they are selling. The editors put exhaustive editorial research into the scripts to insure it is accurate. Editors share inside information about a model that consumers and sales staff will not find anywhere else.

"Car buyers are very knowledgeable about the vehicles they are looking at before they step into a dealership showroom," said Doug Thompson, publisher of "They expect the same from the salesperson who is helping them. VehiclesTEST video reviews provides a deep knowledge base for each model and that is why a lot of dealerships use the videos in training the sales team."

When reviewing a new Honda or Toyota model, VehiclesTEST editors critique all aspects of a car including performance, interior space, safety features and independent fuel economy tests. Since the videos are produced by a third party, salespeople can point to the videos on the website to reinforce the dealership is being fully transparent and helping consumers make informed purchasing decision.

VehiclesTEST video reviews subscriptions are available for use on Toyota and Honda dealership websites. Click here to learn more about the cost and benefits of subscribing or on the icon.VehiclesTEST logo