Android Auto Reportedly Coming to Toyotas

Dash on a ToyotaConsumers who have Android devices have something to celebrate as Toyota is reportedly adding Android Auto to its vehicles, nine months after announcing its new cars would be compatible with Apple's CarPlay.

Toyota has yet to publicly confirm that Android Auto will be in future models but Bloomberg is reporting the deal is done. A public announcement from Toyota is expected this month, Bloomberg reported.

The carmaker had reportedly been reluctant to include the Google software over concerns about safety and security. Toyota owners with Android devices had to connect using SmartDeviceLink, which controlled the look and access to car data.

Adding Android Auto is also smart business for Toyota. Android-based devices make up 80 percent of the market and consumers want access to the content on their smartphones. For Alphabet, Google's parent company, it gets its software into more vehicles beyond its partnerships with Nissan Motor Co., Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and Renault SA.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provides a stripped-down interface with access limited to apps such as navigation, calls, messaging and streaming music. The goal is to reduce driver distractions and meet consumer expectations who want the latest technology in their new vehicles.

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